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ok ok i know hes still not even home yet but ive decided hes my baby and hes comming home prolly end of next week sometime.
the breeder has sent me some picks this week to feed my 'need'
hes 15.5oz at 7weeks old, the charts are placing him at 3.5lbs or there abouts....
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Wow, that little Chi is SO adorable! I'm so glad you shared those pics! :)
He is adorable. It makes me want another one.
He is so adorable! My husband is telling me to stop looking at the dangerously cute puppies. He's afraid I'll want another. :lol:
He's so adorable..
oh....hes so cute I cant stand it! He looks like a little ball of fire!he has this sort of sneaky look on his face in some " you just wait...."
Hi I'm Roie, can i steal your chi???? lol HE'S SO ADORABLE.. i love him!!
owww i want another :( he is soooo cute! he's got a cheeky face!
isnt he just tooo cute. after seeing that look on his face i just couldnt help myself, hes definatly a dodger, cheeky, sneeky, mischevious, but soooo cute youd never stay mad at him for long.
and he should be good for vixie, shes ben sulking a little lately because the spaniel isnt as playfull as she wants him to be, and the ferrets had to go to a new home. so she has noone HER size to play with...I think shell love having a little boyfrined lol.

*does the happy comming home next week dance*
what a super cute little puppy :D i love the name Dodger :wave:

kisses nat
awwwww he's adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol i can't get over how fat my Jumba is compared to your baby hehehe. he's 1.10 pounds at 6 1/2 weeks old lol so cute :)

if you don't mind me asking, why did the ferrets have to find new homes?
the ferrets had to go to a new home because my brother seemsd to have an alergy to them, least thats what my dads excuse is. and since i still live at home...what daddy says goes...luckily he adores vixie! lol. but its for the best they wernt getting neer enough out fo cage time or atteniton from me since i started working and showing vixie the dogs can come everywhere with me so they get lots of time and attention but the ferrets not enough.
so now they live with a vet tech and her husband who has had ferrets all his life..and me and vixie get to go visit them often.
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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