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does any one lnow where i can get a chihuahua

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i don't supose u know where i can get a chihuahua i live in new zealand and by the looks of it u's live in america ummmm.but do you know where i can get one not too exprnsive though :oops:
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Actually, I've seen quite a few members from NZ here. I'm sure they could give you some answers if they stumble across your question.
Well by the looks of your username I am assuming you are not yet an adult. (please correct me if you are :wink: )

My first bit of adivse would be to talk to your parents about getting a chi. If you are still in school they are going to be the ones who will care for the chi when you are gone.

Second, I would read up on the care for a chihuahua. There is a great sticky up in Chi Chat that lists a lot of great books you should buy and read before deciding on a chi.

After you do that I would do a search of your area of chihuahua breeders. Definately do not go to a pet store. You should be able to do an internet search for breeders in your area. I do know there are some members from your area who have chi's and hopfully they will see this post and give you more advise.

I cannot stress enough to do you research before buying a chi. They are not the easiest dogs to care for and are not reccommended for first time dog owners, however, if you do your research first and really get to know what taking care of a chi all includes then you should be okay.

Lots of members come to this site even though they do not own a chi simply to get as much information as possible. I would suggest hanging around and participating in threads and asking as many questions as possible while you search for a good breeder. Again, you want a GOOD breeder who will probably interview you first before sending you home with one of their chi pups. It might seem like a lot of work but trust me it will be worth it to have a nice healthy chi pup.

Again, I am assuming a lot in this post and I am not implying you are going into this with no information at all, this is just advise that almost all of us who have a chi would give to someone who is thinking of buying one.

If you go about this the right way, you will find that chi's are probably the most awesome dog you can own, but I am a little bias :wink:

Look forward to hearing more from you!

EDIT: Also please introduce yourself in the new members section!!! :D
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I don't know anyone in your area, but be patient and I hope you can find a healthy, loving chi soon!!!
I definitely agree with everything Jessica is saying :). And if you're sure you can take care of chi I can give you some info on breeders here in NZ.

I got my Ruby from a lady here in New Zealand and she cost $750
Her name is Zophie Mazur and she's a very good, reputable breeder. She breeds both long and short haired. She lives about an hours drive out of Wellington in Foxton, I don't know where you live but if it's nearby she's a safe bet.
Her chis are different prices depending on age etc.
this is her number: 063687555

Or theres another breeder I was in contact with who lives in Carterton, which is about 1 and a half hours out of Wellington. She has gorgeous pups and is very kind and helpful.
'700 and the girls are 800 if you want them registed with nzkc it is 50
dollars xtra that includes 1st vac and vet check'
her email is [email protected]

and then there's a lady in the Bay of Plenty who I haven't talked with a lot who sells hers for $600 unregistered and $800 registered. her email is [email protected]
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i also live in tauranga nz and breed chihuhuas myself as well.
hey look.. a chi breeder in New Zealand!!!!
Welcome to the girl looking for a chihuahua.. and the chihuahua breeder in New Zealand who just posted!
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