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Does anyone have a chi that tongue sticks out?????????????

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Hi there, Triny's tongue comes out all the time as her teeth haven't grown properly . I was wondering if anyone else's chi does the same?
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austin does it when hes sleeping :D its so cute !
Triny does it when she is tied or scared, it falls forward as her teeth are very tiny.
Rosies tongue does it, shes a rescue and when we took her to vet she had to have 15 teeth out .
arr poor dog.
The vets said that alot of chi's have the same problem with there teeth not growing well because of there tiny heads.
If you get a squeaky toy and squeak it at Cooper, his tongue will stick out every time it squeaks. I have NO idea why he does that but I assume the squeak does something to him.
Yes thats what ive heard and when we got Rosie she was under weight at 2lb-6ozs.
I do think it looks funny she lookes drunk. :lol:
Yes she looks cute with it, poor thing! She is good weight now and has put on just over a pound since we got her, she is nearly 6 years old now.
Auggie has one tooth that sticks out slightly so he has figured out it is the perfect place for his tongue to stick out most of the time :lol: :lol:
I have found one with her tongue sticking out :p

It can stick out more somtimes.
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aww looks like shes pulling faces! :) shes so lovely!!
I think my girl does this when she's scared or thirsty - she has only done it a few times; when i first got her; and when i took her on the bus to town - the tongue was right out there :p!

I know if its out any other time that she's thirsty so if i give her more in her bowl if none left or just buy her a bottle of walk in the park and put it in broxys frisbee :lol:
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