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Does anyone know...

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Where I can find a picture of a Dog litter box - Apparently, my friend says the Chi's like them better then just a plain old Cat litter box. I am curious as to what the differnce really is. I tried searching google, but for some reason its not showing much of anything. If ya could help me out it'd be greatly appreciated :)

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Look here at Petsmart, they have them for $13 USD. I know you probably don't have these stores in Canada, but you can order from the website and have it shipped to you.

Second Nature Litter Training
Personally I think they are TOO big, I just bought an extra large cat pan (cut a hole out) and tried to use that but it did not work for Kemo he was too trained outside already. Unless you have lots of room then it does give them more of an area especially if you have a boy! I would use one if I had the space.
Petco also sells them
yep, we have that second nature one. zoey's is pretty big because she likes to spin before she goes :lol: we've found that it works pretty good.... so far we only have the pad in there instead of the litter because so far we've been afraid that zoey would eat the little litter pellets! :shock: if you're going to litter train, i've heard that you should pour the litter far enough away (ie, in a different room) so that the pup can't hear you because they may get that sound confused with the sound of their kibble hitting their food dish! :shock:
joebeans said:
Look here at Petsmart, they have them for $13 USD. I know you probably don't have these stores in Canada, but you can order from the website and have it shipped to you.
:D :D :D We have Petsmart, don't worry about it! :D :D :D

The pestmart near my house didn't have them when I looked for it but now they might...I was angry because the store is huge and the clerk told me they didn't even make didn't even exist :roll: Well, that was 5months ago and i did find litter for dogs but Stinky eats it..they are little paper we don't use it...the difference between litter boxes is the opening they have for dogs just to walk in instead of climb in...I bought a normal cat litter box and cut out a works great... :D
Oh okay! I'll have to check Pets Mart next time I go there. I don't remember seeing anything like it last time unfortunatly!

I saw the picture (thanks joebeans) .. They don't paw and try and dig to put there stuff in do they? heh otherwise it'd be everywhere :|
and we dont have Petsmart :lol:
and cat litter boxes seemed too small...
so (i had to invent something) and I bought a normal tea-tray of a suitable size with borders (I mean not completely flat) :)
maybe it is a cheap solution - but it works :)
I am using newspaper, so maybe with litter it will be still too shallow :?
Actually Purina makes three sizes of the litter pans. They have them available on the Petsmart online site-but you need to look for litter pans not is a link
Hope it works.
So far Petsmart is the cheapest place that I have found to purchase the pans.
I was able to find one at PetCo that was very low and easy for my dogs to go in and out of. They absolutely HATED the litter though so I just put puppy pads in the litterbox. It is working wonders!!!
Thanks guys :)
I just lay papers in mine and it works fine, or you could put a potty pad in there.
when bella was 8 weeks i started her using puppy pads but soon noticed how quickly i had to buy more and decided litter would be better. i bought a regular cat litter box and some tidy cat litter and she took right to it. havent had any trouble with her getting in and out. she looks cute the way she hops in, she'll stand on her back legs then hop in and will be balanced on her front paws for a second when she uses one box. i have 3 throughout the apt. two are regular sized cat litter pans and the other i got from wal-mart for 10.99. its an underbed storage container and is about 39" long, i put it underneath the desk in my bedroom and it fits perfectly under there. luckily she has not tried to eat the litter...but pilar has and she doesnt even use the box, she goes out doors. silly doggie
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