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Does this look like possible puppymill?

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Alright. So I found the cutest chihuahua puppies(reletivly close to where I live), but I went to their site and found that these people sell a lot of different types of breeds. To me this looks suspicious. Anyone else think so?

Anyone know what color that silver female Chi would be when it got older? (I'm not going to buy from these people, I was just curious).
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looks bad.........they say someone who breeds more than 2 or is it 3 kinds of dogs is a mill............I say the silver will be just that or a deeper steel gray.

I think people need to stay with one kind of breeding :?
KB mamma said:
I think people need to stay with one kind of breeding :?
100% agree with you. I found it funny they didn't put any information about themselves, and where the puppies are raised. I can't picture all of those puppies being raised in their house with them. But then how do you ask them that without accusing?? Stupid people out there! :roll:
I have always heard the same thing as Vic.
Not only the fact that they breed several different breeds but they have several mixed breeds for 'sale' as well for $700! :shock: :roll:
Minty_Min82 said:
Nice Site!
you gotta be kidding right?

they aren't a puppy mill per say, i think they are what's the word, puppy brokers? i don't know can't think i need sleep.. anyway they are the middle man if you will. they work with puppy mills and back yard breeders. they post pics of their puppies for them and get a cut of the money. just like they say they are a network of quality breeders and they are located all over the us i think the person running that site is a maltese breeder. when i first started looking for a puppy i went to that site and contacted them cause the site never said anything about working with other breeders and there weren't nearly as many breeds as there are now but when i realized that the chihuahua puppy i was interested in was going to be shipped i said no way (it was a very small young 10 week old chi) then i started doing more research and realixed what they really were. they have dogs for as high at 3000 dollars and many are ckc registered and stuff so i think the "breeder" tells them the price they want for the puppy and then the site puts the puppy up for more money then the "breeder" wants so they can make money too....
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Ya, I thought something was fishy about them. Thanks Mandy for the info. I can't believe people won't think of the puppies health and well being, all they think of is the money. I can't even imagine being like that!?!?!?

Who's Minty_Min82 and why did they think it was a 'nice site'??? I hope they were being sarcastic! :roll:
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