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does your chi dig ??

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My boy is digging up my garden so much ( I don't mind as my boy can do no wrong in my eyes :D ) just wondered if other peoples dig too ?
he is so silly , my garden looks like a huge dog lives there LOL :lol:
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Oh yes, Marcus is a digger too. Not outside yet as his nose is too busy for him to think of digging but the carpet, the bed, his bed, my leg, etc.
So partying too hard is why Marcus decided he was starving at 1:30 this morning? We're going to have to have a talk I think. I was sound asleep and he woke me up and insisted I go to the kitchen and get him some munchies.
I don't know if he was going to the party or coming home, I was too sleepy to ask. Whichever it was he's going to have to quit waking Mommy up on work nights. Party animals with their Royal Canin gourmet food yet, LOL.
Yes I did think he was but I know better now. No wonder he seems so familiar with most of the other regular dogs on this board. Oh well, he has excellent taste, Jasmine, Chiwi, and Lilly would be hard to beat anywhere.
It sounds to me like Marcus and I need to have the "drug talk" and the "birds and bees" talk. The Hootchi Cootchi yet. Oh that boy!
1 - 5 of 35 Posts
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