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Does your Chi get food aggressive?

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Only recently has Yoda been getting mad if I try to touch his food. We bought him some small skin thingys and my hubby tried to move him and it on the floor and he tried to bite him... YODA IS JUST A BABY! Why is he doing this... He is not deprived of food. He acts like he is starving for food or something.

Does anyone elses do this?
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what have you all been doing to show that you are the alpha and he doesn't come first?
luvmypuppet is absolutely right. He is trying to establish his dominance over you and your husband and show you he is Alpha (boss) and you need to teach him now that that isn't going to work. It's a pretty common chi trait, they like being alpha and the younger they are when you win that battle the easier everything is, including housebreaking.
I have never had a problem with Gaadget being agressive.. I move him and his chew sticks all the time.. infact most of the time he is lying on me when he eats them.... I even move his food bowl sometimes when he is eating.. usually when I am putting somehting in it..

I got him some chicken jerky.. it is funny looking but it looks just like a hard piece of chicken.... he loves them... I will give one to him and he will actually lay there and eat it while I am holding it forhim...

I would try to hold hid chew treats when you give them to him... you could also try to pick him up and flip him on his back when he show agressiveness<SP> and hold him there and tell him no ..... or bad....

\I did this with Gadget when he was chewing on our fingers and he soon stopped i mean it took a few weeks of doing this everytime he chewed on our hands...

Good luck and God bless
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Martini growled at me once when I put my hand near his food bowl while he was eating. I grabbed a small treat, put my hand down into the bowl and put the treat in front of him. Immediately he made the connection and he thought "I WANT her to touch my food bowl!" I never had a problem with him again. I can put my hand in his bowl, move his bowl, take his bowl away and he steps aside and waits for me to finish what I'm doing. And this goes for his toys and chewies too. If he's really into chewing on something, he may not drop it and give it to me, but I can get it from him without a fight. Usually if he's growling over a toy I'm trying to take away, it's because he's trying to play.
Sasha is a little bit food aggressive thats somthing she is working on with training. I have heard alot of people say that food agggressiness cannot be trained out of them. It's a lie don't believe them because it can I have rescued and rehomed over 300 dog's and most were food aggressive some people don't believe in adopting them out and put them to sleep. I have trained ALOT to come out of food aggression. It takes time and love and a sturdy hand with a pup/dog that thinks there alpha male/female. You just got to show them who is boss and whats right from wrong...
no problems here .......sounds like you have an alpha on your hands :evil:

kisses nat
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