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Does your Chihuahua display a little too much love... r/o

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Do not get my wrong, I love that P-Nut is such a loving little thing, but we were wondering... does your Chi just constantly have the need to lick/kiss you all the time? She literally will put her paws up on your lips and just lickify you to death... if you tell her to stop she will but then she will go lick your hand or arm or whatever she can...

It is cute in my opinion, just want to know why she does this :)
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Mr. Peepers loves to snuggle but Buster wants to kiss constantly. It's cute but I don't really like them to lick me on my face so when Buster comes near you it's a constant game of dodge-the-kisses with him. And he will kiss EVERYONE!
Kemo is not that obsessed w/licking but he has to be in my lap (like now) or somewhere near me 24/7 :shock:
Sadie is a very very kissy girl!!! She will lick my boyfriend to death! I don't let her lick my face but she will lick everything else. I think it's so cute!!
Mikey likes to sneak kitty cat treats (from the litter box :pukeright:) so we try to not let him near our faces! :lol:
yes - ozzy is a HUGE licker and it does get annoying after a while LOL if you have a spare bit of skin showing he will lick and lick it - where lily is a cuddler :wave:
Bosco is a big-time kisser - especially with my husband! His lips have been chapped for days because of Bosco! LOL And I think we may have another kissy-monster --- LOLA!! GAH!! :shock:
He licks my chin and nipples me to much.
I'm not even going to ask (sklarsen), lol. :shock:
Luna is BIG licker! She would lick you anywhere at anytime.
I don't really like that, sometimes we think it's just a littel too much.
She jumps on us while we watch tv and starts licking....she licks constantly.
maureen said:
I'm not even going to ask (sklarsen), lol. :shock:
maureen said:
I'm not even going to ask (sklarsen), lol. :shock:
Auggie is a kisser but only at times. I never understand what he thinks is the right time. He definitely is a snuggler though :D
maureen said:
I'm not even going to ask (sklarsen), lol. :shock:
I thought the same thing too! I think it's a typo and was supposed to be 'nibbles'. :lol:

My Peanut loves to lick also. It's like overkill but we luv her. She will just lick my husband forever if he lets her. It's like she's getting more action thatn I am with my husband!!LOL :D

mfhutch76 said:
It's like she's getting more action thatn I am with my husband!!LOL :D
:lol: :lol: :lol:
if he cant get to my face Sunny will lick what ever is closest. often its my toes as he lays under my comp or my hands when hes in my lap. Hes extremely clingy in general as even a trip to the bathroon reviels a little nose under the bathdoor.
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