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Does your doggie know when you are hurt?

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I just had abdominal surgery, and gizmo keeps sniffing at my incision (even though I have clothes covering it). And when he lays down, he puts his foot RIGHT on it. I move his foot, and he moves it back.

Do you think he knows whats up under my shirt? Why does he keep putting his foot there?! It doesn't hurt when it does it... But I have seen where is doggie feet have been and it makes me nervous even if I have 2 shirts between him and my skin.
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yep my husband has psoriasis and the girls are always trying to lick where it is and when its sore the girls wont leave him
Aw that's sweet!

I have to keep Gizzy kenneled the first few days I was home because he would constantly want to sniff it or be ontop of me. Now that I am strong enough to fight him off, we are OK, lol
I think they can smell it and read our body language to know something is wrong.
even stomach flu, we must give off a smell.

When I had food poisoning Bijoux wouldn't leave me alone, like 10 times worse than normal. Even before when I woke up she was super clingy. It's like those dogs that know when you have diabetes or about to have a seizer.
When my exs mom got cancer ever since her diagnosis baby stays with her 24/7 she even preferred to sleep with his mom
And not us, my grandpa has a brain tumor and any time he is over baby sits with only him also when I got my wisdom teeth out an was still drugged up baby sat on me the whole time I slept and snapped if anyone walks by my room she didn't want my mom comin in and checking on me lol
Oh, yes, I certainly do...I also believe they are healing, with the comfort and care they provide.
They definitely know when we are sick or injured. Bell is my most perceptive, my husband snapped some photos of her recently curled up under my chin while I was sleeping off a migraine.

Whenever my Dad stays here for his cancer check ups and treatment Bell barely leaves his side and when my son was suffering severe epileptic seizures she was always at our sides even though she usually barely has time for him. I truly believe they help with our healing as well.

We are all suffering gastro at the moment and the dogs have been acting like little nursemaids, constantly checking on us and sitting near our stomachs keeping them warm :) They are even acting differently, much quieter and calmer.
whenever im just not feeling well she will sleep on me and keep lliking me :)
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