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Dog Bone Mat crochet pattern

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I was looking for something different to make my pups, and I ran across this pattern that I thought other "hookers" might enjoy too :)
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That's my other favorite hangout :) I love crochetville
I'm there a lot too :) Only I am a lurker over there...I haven't felt secure enough in my crochet ability to post there yet (I just started teaching myself in January of this year) Hopefully soon I will get over my little complex and be able to share there too.
You should join they really help you out alot and I met a great friend on there.Trust me at first all I could crochet was afghans. Now I design my own stuff, mostly dog sweaters & toys but that's just what I enjoy the most.
looks cool.. can't crochet.. or knit.. but i love to sew.. i am going to take up knitting i think maybe i will try my hands at crocheting too, my grandmother did it for so long and her work was absolutley beautiful!! Maybe i should try to follow in her footsteps.
That looks pretty cool! I used to love to crochet and really need to get back into it!
that bone design is great !!! i would love to be able to make that :D

kisses nat
After my mom passed away I decided I needed to do something to follow in her footsteps and I got a little $2 book at walmart and taught myself. Now knitting I just can't get :? I can't get away from why I need to use 2 needles instead of 1 hook :lol:
I used to know how to knit when I was like 14 but forgot how. I taught myself how to crochet too and then got my sister and sister in law into it. :wink:
Yeah, I mainly started crocheting because my Mom had tried to teach me when I was younger and I had made half a scarf. She passed away years ago, but in Jan I was going through storage and found that partial scarf that I had been making for my dad and decided I had to finish it in their made me feel connected to tradition sort of, and now I can make goodies for my kids (all of the "kids" have that are more personal than something I buy. :)
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