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Dog Booties

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Hi Everyone,
I haven't been on for along time. I need to know where to get Milo some dog boots. He HATES the snow. He is potty trained I didn't think that day would ever come. He has the run of the house now. He chews EVERYTHING he can find. But he is a joy.
Thanks Milo's Mom
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Hi Donna

I hope this is what you're looking for.
Pure Country Pets is a really good site and they're reasonable.
Ive seen them on ebay too. :)
Hey, you could buy Kemos off him :D
sullysmum said:
Hey, you could buy Kemos off him :D
I was gonna say that but............. :lol:
I got Bandit's boots at Petco...he hates them though, he can't make his legs work right when he has them on :) Quite comical :)

I can't imagine trying to put booties on Dobbie. He's bad enough with his clothes: he will be perfectly still while I'm dressing him, he'll go outside and do his business, etc. but the moment we're in the house, he wants everything off so he can get under his blankie.

We're outside of Houston so it doesn't get really cold here (although we had 1 inch of SNOW here on Christmas Eve!). I know that his little feet and pads do get chilled, even if it's not really cold. When he comes in, he'll go to his blankie to lay down and cover up.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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