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I keep the collars on only in the house. I like them just because I think they are cute. I also change them alot too. How tight do you keep the collar? Mine are extremely loose. So loose they could probably slip them off their heads if they'd figure it out.

About the breath, my boys breath isn't bad. Sometimes Buster can get some stinky breath but it's just occasional. I am a very BAD momma but I don't brush their teeth. Mr. Peepers absolutely hates it and I can't get in there for anything. I've tried tiny toothbrushes, many toothpastes and he won't allow any of them. I do get them the dental thingy's and stuff though. Like the breath freshners, the greenies and such. Their vet says their teeth aren't bad but does recommend teeth cleaning of course.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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