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Dog Dresser is DONE! Tutorial!

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A couple days ago, I posted a thread about how I was going to attempt to convert an old dresser that was lying around the house into a "dog dresser" with hanging space. Well it's DONE! Over the weekend - with the help of my wonderful dad - we completely converted the old, cheap dresser into a very nice piece of furniture with hanging space for Ote's clothes and storage areas for her and Mojo's toys, treats, and grooming supplies. I am SO HAPPY with the way the it turned out.



A lot of you ladies seemed really interested in creating your own dog dresser, so through out the process of converting the dresser, I took a ton of pictures so that you could see it step-by-step!

First - remove all of the drawers.

Bust out all of the drawer slides with a hammer.

You may have to get the stubborn drawer slides that are built into the sides out by wedging a flat-headed screwdriver into the small space and popping the pieces out.

Leave the main support pieces (the back two horizontal wood pieces in our photo). Without these pieces, the dresser would not be sturdy.

After removing all drawer slides, you will be putting in three wood pieces on each side of the dresser in order to make it a more sturdy piece of furniture (this also allows you to screw things into the outside of the dresser like I did with the "dog butt" hooks.....otherwise the screw will go right through the thin wood of the dresser). Notice that the supports are at the very top, the middle, and the very bottom of the sides.

Next, cut pieces to fit the inside sides of the dresser. And use a staple gun and wood glue to secure the pieces to the inside left and right sides.

Next cut a piece to fit the inside bottom of the dresser, like a shelf. You may notice there was a piece of material in this spot before (it was a piece of "wood grain" corrugated, but it was not anywhere near sturdy enough to support baskets or storage devices.

Next, cut a piece of wood to fit the back of your dresser. Again, use wood glue and a staple gun to secure the wood.

After this, we created the rod to hang the clothes on. You could always use a tension rod for this, or even a shower curtain.

Now comes the fun part - PAINTING! First, sand all surfaces that will be painted. Then paint away! This should require two to three layers of paint. We used a white lacquer spray paint. Allow about 24 hours in between coats.

And here is the finished product. The baskets are from Marshall's, as well as the hangers (they are infant hangers). The "dog butt" hooks are from Ikea. The large green basket is for extra toys, the other containers are for bandannas, bows and more. The drawer also has some containers to organize dog medicines, treats and blankets.

Let me know what you all think!
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This is amazing!! I think this should be made into a sticky :)
That looks great!!! You did a awesome job! :thumbright:
STUNNING!! How creative of you and I love their pics on top. You can be really proud.
That is beautiful, i love it !!! now , i have some small ones but i would love one like that
Thanks ladies! I'm really happy with the way it turned out. The best part? It even matches all the other furniture in my room. Same color, handles and knobs! I had so much fun converting it and then decorating it!! Wasn't too hard, took about 4 hours to break everything down, build it back up and get the first layer of paint on. Thank you for the compliments on it :) :)
wow!!! i love it!!!
Wow, you guys did such an amazing job! Yours looks way
better than the one on Pintrest.
Super cute! I LOVE it!!!!
awwwhhhh thats so cool! wish i had an old wardrobe to do that! :) x
oh my goodness!! That is so clever and creative!!! Wow! I love it. Amazingly CUTE!
awwwhhhh thats so cool! wish i had an old wardrobe to do that! :) x
Do you have something like Craigslist in the UK? Many people give old dressers like this away because they think that they can't be used anymore, or just don't fit the new "decor style." I'd look around if I were you!! It really wasn't too hard of a project.
Thank you all!!!! What a compliment - better than the one on Pinterest!!! I wish that I could have found wallpaper to line the inside of the dresser with, but the wallpaper would have ended up costing more than the project itself! LOL! But thank you very much, I appreciate it!
This looks amazing! Lacey's jealous. I may have to make one when we move and have more space :)
That is AWESOME! I am soooo doing that. So creative! Thanks for thinking of making a tutorial for us!
This looks amazing! Lacey's jealous. I may have to make one when we move and have more space :)
Did you see the hoodies from Lacey & you hanging up in there?! LOL. Ote is actually wearing the argyle one as we speak. The weather cooled down a bit here in Delaware, so she doesn't have to wait until next fall to wear them!!! YAY! We were having 90 degree weather for 2 weeks straight!!! It was nice, but save it for summer, LOL

And yes, you SHOULD!! It isn't quite as big as it looks. It's wide, but very short. That's why I made sure there was some decor on the top. I have it in my room, kinda smushed in there, but it looks nice. I can't wait until my boyfriend & I get a house (hopefully September, we're looking around!)....more room for Chi stuff! LOL. I just can't wait for my two to have a backyard to run in. They love being outside & I hate that we don't have a fenced-in yard for them to play in. Just the deck and a little bit of grass they they can run in while leashed.
That is AWESOME! I am soooo doing that. So creative! Thanks for thinking of making a tutorial for us!
Definitely post pictures when you do it - before & after photos at least!!! I'd love to see your version. It was amazingly easy and very cheap. Definitely worth the work!!! No problem at all about the tutorial, I had fun making it, LOL.
Aly, you and your dad did a beautiful job! I love it.
What a cool papa you got, to help you make this
idea come to life. Great job. I love how matchy
matchy it is too, lol, makes my OCD very happy.
hahaha! Enjoy it, I'm jealous! :p
oooo this is amazing, love it! i will be done with mine soon also, cant wait!!! u did an awsome job WTG!!!!1
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