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Great job Aly!
I love that you showed your step by step progress.
That is so helpful to others :)
Enjoy your masterpiece ;)
Thank you! I really love it. I had to show step-by-step, I knew everyone just had to have a dresser for their babies, LOL. Thanks again!

Love it. So much cuter than the one I have for our stuff.
Thank you! :) Very easy to re-decorate and re-construct. You should post pictures of yours!

You and your dad did a fantastic job. Thank you for the "how to" info.
Thank you so much! :) I'm so grateful that he was willing to help me. And no problem at all! :)

That is so cute and so creative! nd I love the tutorial. I really need something like that.
I LOVE the hooks!
Very easy to make, try it! :) :) Thank you so much. I'm glad that so many like the tutorial. That makes me so happy! And yes, the hooks are fabulous! LOL. Had to have them. Only $1.99 at Ikea, I wanted to get them in every color!

im super excited. me and the bf will be tryin to make one this sunday! if we can find a smaller cabinet for it :) its gonna be excitin! will take pics
I gotta see what you guys come up with. Definitely looking forward to seeing pictures!

Ohhhh it was with ur dad? I thought I did it with the bf lol! ;) I wouldn't last 5 mins with my dad. That staple gun would be used on him instead of the boards...everythin has to be perfect for him *rollsyes*
Yup, it was "Dad and Daughter Bonding Time" LOL. I had a good time spending time with him and seeing what we could come up with. My boyfriend would no way, ever help make a dog dresser! LOL. He's too busy with everything else going on, haha! My dad likes everything to be perfect too, but that worked out in my favor because he let me do everything for the dresser, but he won't let anything turn out any less than perfect so he corrected any mistakes I made or guided me to make them better.

That looks great! Fantastic job!!!
Thank you so much! :) :)

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Your dad sounds like a really good father. I lost my father when I was younger.
It warms my heart hearing about others enjoying and valuing their dad. :)

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Great job!!!
Looks like a piece of store bought furniture.
Fantastic idea.
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