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Dog Food Article Horrible!!

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While searching the web for a new pet food supplier (see I came across this horrible article. It's tells about the dog food industry. It's well worth reading!
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chihuahua chef

Um, okay, this is probably going to be only the first of many embarassing admissions, but....I actually cook for my chi. I don't feed her "dog food" of any sort if there is any way to avoid it. Now, of course, there is no going back. Carlota (my chi) naturally won't eat anything form a can.

She eats chicken (baked or boiled) vegetables (loves loves loves veggies) eggs (hard boiled) tuna (the only thing from a can she WILL eat) and pasta and rice.

I just don't see why dogs should have to eat "special" food, escpecially if that "special" food is not fit for human consumption. Don't trust it.

Is anyone else out there a star chihuahua chef?
it's not too much work...if you like cooking

Chico is adorable!!!!!

You can see Carlota by clicking on the http: address at the bottom of my post.

You know, seriously, it is not that much work. I suppose it helps that both my husband and I really love to cook. Here's what we do: We usually just set aside a portion of whatever we are going to cook for ourselves (say, chicken, fish, steak) and we prepare it with out oil and no frying- either on the grill or baked or boiled. Then we add carrots (she flips out for carrots) and some kind of carb, like pasta or rice, mix it all together and that is her food for the next day. Sometimes we will just prepare something ahead of time and keep a big batch in the fridge for her. I just made her a pasta salad...tri-clored rotini, tuna, carrots and chick peas...cut it all up and there is a batch for her and a slightly more complicated version for my husband and me.

I do occasionally give Carlota Nutri-Cal (a nutrient supliment...shhhh, she thinks it is just a yummy treat), but I think the food she eats is pretty nutritious.

I am sure that everyone here cares tremendously about what their dogs are eating (no "alpo" hehehe). In fact, I am so glad to be in the company of others who love their chihuahuas soooooo much. Carlota was a finicky eater from the get go and I had heard and read that many chihuahuas are. I tried several premium brands of dog food and she hated them all. In fact, the only one she seemed to like was the one they had been feeding her at the pet shop (puppy mill, that's a whole different story) where I got her and that was worse than I just took matters into my own hands.

Nice talking to you. Again, Chico is so very cute.

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computer illiterate

Ugh...I am going to have to find a way to post a picture of Carlota. Sorry the link doesn't work. I will try to figure this out.

Hi ilovekeiki,

When Carlota was a puppy I tried to feed her dry eukanuba and she just wasn't having it. I have heard and read that eukanuba is pretty good. Carlota, unfortunately was hooked to this sludgy cheap wet food they'd been feeding her at the puppy place where I got her.

Chihuahuas are finicky eaters not because they are spoiled rotten, but because their sense of smell is less developed than most other dogs (read this in an article I will try to post for everyone) and basically if a dog can't smell it, they won't eat it. So, sure enough the stuff that Carlota loved was really smelly and she ate it all up.

The only way to find out what your chi will eat is trial and error. There are so many theories about what dogs should and shouldn't eat in terms of can be tricky cooking for your dog, but rewarding too. I am going to try to find that article and post it here. Good luck.
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