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Dog Lotion? I'm serious...

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I may have mentioned that part of my reasons for getting a Chi were my horrible allergies and asthma. Really, I probably should have gotten an Italian Greyhound, since Chis do shed. I love animals and never thought I would be able to have one until my Aunt got her Chi. I discovered that, though while she was shedding for summer or while bathing her, my allergies acted up, for the most part it wasn't a big deal. Yay! So I looked for a year and finally found myself a Chi.

Well, he seems to shed a lot. I think he's probably loosing his baby fur right now and summer's coming up. But he seems to itch a lot (and he definately doesn't have fleas). My vet says he may have mange, but I can't afford to deal with that unless he starts showing some real symptoms. I think it's partially because I need to bathe him fairly often. I don't bathe him as much as I need to, because I know dogs need their natural oils. (It would really help if my boyfriend would take him outside and brush him every day...oh well).

But that got me to wondering. Do they make a dog lotion, or a dog oil that I could brush him with? Something that would moisturize his skin and coat enough so that I wouldn't have to worry about drying out his skin? (I bathe him only with baking-soda-and-aloe conditioner as it is). I've looked around a little, and I've found those Omega 3 supplements, but that would be a last resort, I think.
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