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Hello all.

I got my chi 2 years ago while abroad so I could have company. Although i traveled quite a bit my bf would watch her, this journey I took her on my travels back to the U.S. She did well with the travel and didn't seem scared when we came to stay with my sister. She sniffed around got comfy and slept. I brought familiar items with me...her fav toys...her food...blankets beds etc.

Tried to place them like I did at home. She is paper trained and would make multiple pee's at home very small in order to get more treats. But since we got here she holds it in and tries to pee once or twice. She doesn't always get it on the mat because I think she memorized location were we use to live as oppose to "the mat".

She eats slightly less, and has been a bit more gassy (guests over the holidays gave a bit of turkey). She naps a lot...but she has always been a napper.

Could it be slight jet lag? We've been here just 2 days.

Thanks :)
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