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Doggy Litter Box???

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We brought our babies home on Mothers Day. Coco and Pebbles, they are adorable. We bought 2 doggy litter boxes, Coco (boy) is using the litter box great, Pebbles (girl) uses the litter box sometimes but likes the bathroom floor alot. I have sprayed the Puppy GO spray in the litter box. Should I spray the Puppy NO everywhere else or does anyone have suggestions?
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To ensure Pebbles uses the litter box consistently, you need to be CONSTANTLY taking her to her box. My puppy is litter box trained, and in the beginning I was taking her to her little box every hour or so that we were awake. Don't give the puppy a chance to have accidents -- keep an eye on her at ALL times -- I doubt a spray will keep her from using the potty on the bathroom floor.

Watch her like a hawk, keep taking her to the box, and praise the heck out of her when she uses it :D Also -- you've only had her a couple of days -- it might take her a while to be very steady about using it -- she's just a baby!
My Charlie used a litter box also. The advice you got was great, they respond well to treats too. Give her one if she goes in the box along with lots of praise. If she has an accident she doesn't get a treat. If you catch her going or about to go rush her to the box right away. I would catch him and rush him to the box even if he'd pretty much finished. Also when I put him in the box I would say "go potty", now he knows what it means and it works even outside. One thing I found was it had to be very clean (I had to pick up after him right away) or he would go on the floor next to it. You may have a very picky puppy or she may have just not quite figured it out yet. It was great having the litter box during the winter but now Charlie prefers to go outside. But if he's home alone he'll still use the box. Good Luck! :D
You've gotten some good advice. Just remember, you have only had your puppies for 3 days. They are still just babies, and they are adjusting to a new environment without their mommy. It will take some time, but they WILL learn. Just be patient and consistent, and when they go in the litterbox, praise, praise, praise!!
Thanks for encouraging advice...

Thanks for the encouraging advice, Pebbles did much better yesterday. :wave:
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