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I hope they prosecute to the max. I don't know how this could happen unless the "groomer???" was chemically impaired.

Feb 15 2007 8:10AM
Video From CNN: Dog's Ear Cut Off, Glued Back On

A Washington dog owner says she's been crying ever since she discovered that a dog groomer cut off her dog's ear and then super-glued it back on.

"And I saw the ear float away, and it freaked me out," said dog owner Anni Sheriffius.

Sheriffius couldn't believe what she was seeing. She was trying to wash off what she thought was dirt on her dog Jasmine's ear, when the ear fell off.

Sheriffius rushed her dog to the veterinarian to learn that the dog's ear had been cut off by a dog groomer and glued back on.

Jasmine, a Shih Tzu, had to undergo treatment for an infection. Sheriffius said she still has the ear in a plastic bag, and has been crying for weeks at the thought of someone hurting her dog.

Pierce County sheriff's investigators are looking into possible criminal charges against the unlicensed dog groomer.

"Once they tried to hide it and glued the ear back on, that's not good for the dog. There are all kinds of things that can happen, infection. It's cruelty to animals," said Detective Ed Troyer.

The shop where Jasmine was injured, J'Raes pet grooming, appears to have shut down.

"I'd like her never, ever to touch another dog. That's what I'd like to see," said Sheriffius.

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OMG!!! That is horrible! I can't even imagine!!!! People just make me sick sometimes! They just had a dog on our local news last night that was found FROZEN to the ground!!! He lived & is okay now, but still! I just don't see how people can be so awful! I understand cutting a dog while grooming (accidently of course) but not gluing a cut off ear back on!
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