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I'm in reading heaven. I am an avid reader and I like to read non-fiction. I like to learn and research and learn some more. And, being inclined to the "natural" and holistic side of life (being married to a Chiropractor will do that to ya'!) this magazine speaks to me.

Anyway, in case you are not familiar with it then it's this:

I saw it on a weblink of something else I was reading. So, I surfed over and started reading there. Long story, short, I paid for a digital subscription. It was $19 for the year. But.....I also could, and did, pay an additional $19 (one time fee) and have access to allllll the archives.

I LOVE this magazine. There are so many great articles on holistic pet care. Lots of info on nutrition, vaccination, dental health, reiki, chiropractic, naturopathy......

I have loads of reading to do!

So, if you are inclined to sit on the holistic side of the fence then give this a look-see. You will not be disappointed.
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