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dogsitting disaster

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Im dogsitting my dad and his girlfriends dog while she is in the hospital having a mesectamy. :cry: and my dads dog is a poodle he is so sad :( and Porsha is playful with him but he wont let anyone pet him and he wont really eat. Porsha is trying to hump him and she is pooing everywhere :? :roll: The poodle is hiking and marking everywhere :? :roll: I feel like im going nuts. plus i have been back and forth to the hospital so much i havent really had time to try to do much about this situation. any advise? crating is out of the question. i will be home all but 4 hours with them today. :D plus he isnt so fond of cats and i have 2 he wants to chase and bark at them. I wish someone else could keep him but there isnt anyone who can. My dads girlfriend had only one breast removed ( they were supposed to remove both but cant do the outher) I will probably have skipper for a week and its just been one day. I NEED HELP :oops: I thought it would be so easy :lol:
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I'm sorry to hear your dad's girlfriend is havign such a bad time with her health. I hope she has a good and quick recovery...

I feel for you dog sitting is not always easy... In fact I just got done dog and cat sitting. but they stayed at the own house and I just went over there and checked on them and feed and wateredd them..

The dog didn't eat the whole time and the cat disappeared... I have heard back from my friend since she got home but she was sure the cat was hiding out... she woorks weird hours so during the week we don't get hear from eachother that often...

If she couldn't find her she was going to call me so no news is good news...
Do they live far from you ? if not I would take him home and go there 3 times a day to feed, walk, and for a little company Im sure if its just fro 6 more days he will be better at home , if not how about putting him into Kennels for the week if its too much :wave:
I have a toy poodle, he;s my moms now....and he has a hard time when their mommy or daddy aren't around...My joey is a toy, and when my parents go away...he stays with me...I'm his second mommy...but he is miserable...he barely eats....and follows me everywhere with the saddest puppy eyes...all he wants to do is cuddle with me....I mean he gets really breaks my's so bad my mom barely goes away now...

Is there a way you could get him a shirt of your dads? Joey relaxes if I have my moms blanket with me...I also pay him alot of attention...Joey loves it when I I sing alot...Also can you stop by their house for a while? I do that with Joey and at least he relaxes for the bit I am there...

My parents are going to Puerto Rico in October and I'll have Joey for 1 week too...I might have to move there for the week with Gizmo...(Gizmo LOVES his grandmas house!)

I know it is wishes to your dads mom had a partial masectomy and it was very hard on all of us...
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Is there a possibility you could take Porsha and your dad's dog to his house and stay there with them? He would probably do better in familiar surroundings.

I kept my daughter's 3 mini doxies and 2 cats last October when they went on vacation, and I just stayed at their house. The animals were much happier in their own home.

Hope your dad's girlfriend has a quick recovery.
:wave: Well thanks for everyones advise im gonna go to dads and get l something of dads and his girlfriends (tshirt) i think that will help dads dog he seems better today. My dad came to visit him but he is a trucker and had to go to florida my dads girlfriend goes home wednesday but ill still keep skipper cause he will jump on her and might hurt her chest. But im gonna take him in the evenings to visit her for about a week. Im terrified he will get on her while she is sleeping cause he normally sleeps near her chest.
And thanks for everyones concerns and well wishes for dads girlfriend.
Her name is Trish and she is 38 ( only 2 years older than me) I know i think she is to young for my dad!!
But anyway she was to have both breast removed and they only took 1
to risky to remove the outher right now. But she is doing well physically.
as well as can be expected mentally.
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Porsha is soooo adorable. When I see pictures of all the gorgeous little chi's in here, it makes me want a second one so bad!
here's to a speedy recovery for trish... prayers are with you and yours :wave:
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