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doing the watermelon crawl......

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Gadget got into his toys and pulled out his watrermelon toy and did the watermelon crawl.....

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Looks like he really loves watermelon! :lol:
hehheeh that sounds lovely right now some cool watermelon!
Gadget has the right idea :D
his oy goes neatly with his dinner map :lol:

gadget is always a pleasure to look at

kisses nat
Lol hes really getting into that :lol:

what a playful baby.. cute placemat.. lol

Kisses and Licks
Roie and Scoot
He's such a little character. Lovely pics and Gadget is cute as ever. :laughing5:
those are some great pictures you can tell he like watermellon
I just love Gadget and those pictures are so cute. It does make me want watermelon though, LOL.
What a cutie!! Gizmo had a banana but killed it...LOL...

Hmmmm...I want some watermelon now :D
Those are too cute. He would probably like the real stuff too. Mine do.
Thankss ladies...

He loves his toy watermelon but he will suck and lick all the juice out of the real stuff and not eat it.. I think it is a tecture thing...

I actually stole the placemat from Amanda's collection of them... She hardly uses it anymore so I thought it would be cute for him..
Gadget just gets cuter every time I see him!! We have a garden full of watermelon though :cry:
watermelon crawl

Me and Gadget have something in common, I love watermelon to :lol:
Gadget is very serious about his watermelon :lol: He is attacking it with such an intense look..... :D

His hair is really growing a lot longer around his neck and ears. That seemed to be where Jasmine's started getting longer too.
Gadget is loving his watermelon toy. That is so sweet!! He is so cute!

Oh, and thanks! Now I've got that song stuck in my head. :lol:
Nikki... I had that song stuck in my head for days....
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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