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Heres a better one of her.
Shes so funny and been jumping about, shes EXCELLENT with the kids !!
These little dogs , just do not know theyre little lol
She is amazing, and im beginning to see how you guys all got addicted to them!
What a lovely little breed!
Beautiful, loving, friendly, playful, snuggly and fun.
I have to admit, its like likes of Paris hilton and such that kinda put me off these little dogs, and my daughter loved them because of the disney film " all dogs go to heaven" the little Chihuahua on there thats trying to get some love off the poodle lol

Breeder says her ears will pop up.
But i guess we can only wait and see.
I'll have a search around to see what age they pop up on here.
You got so much here i get lost! :D

:daisy: Dolly says Hello xx
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