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the photo was a bit blurry so it wont scan thru the pc

actual image of the code (you can try it urself)

this pendant will be comin soon :)
it's sterling silver

1 inch bottle cap pendant protected with professional Resin
(Can make a design on the other side of the bottle cap as well)

Lost your pet? Never fear! DreamChii is here
Purchase this for $10
Purchase with design on other side for $15
Pay only $2 that month, email me info as in a picture of your pet, last seen, location...etc
proceeds of monthly payment will go to donation that is still in the works

The person that finds your pet will use their smartphone to scan the code and bring you to the DreamChii Lost Pets page where he/she can search for your beloved furbaby and contact me to contact you :)


p.s: teaser for my secret santa! (name on this pendant is someone else)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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