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So i have been occupying myself with things to do, like making dresses and clothes and blankets. Helps me take my mind off things. lastnight i made a dress for daisy. I used.

Old pair of jeans that are stretchy.
Olt pink stretchy tank top.
peices of left over fabric, pink that i had from other projects.
hem tape.
small sized elastic

Started with the shirt part, used tje stretchy jean part i cut out on the top part, and the tank top part at the bottom. Cut them out and shaped it the way i needed it. Used hem tape, and ironed it together.

Next i did the elastic straps, for the criss cross bunched up straps, they look really cute n fit well.

Last i did the skirt part, also used elastic to create the skirt look and peaced it all together using hem tape.


Don't mind the secong pink shirt u see, thats another project im workin on , i will be adding a jean skirt with ruffles 2 it. ty for looking. feedback apreciated.

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Wow, that is REALLY cute!!! :p
I'm happy to hear that you are doing something productive with
your time, I bet it helps. You have a talent, keep up the good work!
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