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My Jasmine hates going anywhere!! She drools excessively in the car and when we take her with us to the pet store. Our vet has advised us to make her do the things she does not like to make her get used to it. I feel bad making her so uncomfortable and upset, but I have noticed she is getting better about being picked up and held since I started just doing it more and stopped being afraid of her freaking out. What do you think about this? We want to take her with us on vacation in August, but we need to get her used to riding in the car so she can make the long trip. We usually board our dogs when we go on vacation, but she seems to sensitive to handle this. And since she is so small and portable we figured she would be easy to take and fun also. Any advice on this issue??

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try to make it a positive experience. when they associate getting in the car with going to the vet they begin to hate the car ride. i used to put my pit in the car and drive around, even if it was just around the block. he got a treat when he got in the car and at different times during the car ride. soon, he got so excited just by me saying by by in the car? the drooling (i think) is part of motion sickness..... but i'm not sure..... i think i heard that recently at my vets office...
I think it is part of motion sickness, but she also drooled the entire time we were at the store, so I think it is anxiety also. I did take her for just a fun ride yesterday, but it may have been too long. We ran a few errands while out. She was in the car the entire time and drooled more and more and did throw up also. Do you think the car sickness wil get better or is this something that will never change???
I don't know about riding in the car in particular but I can tell you that Lily was afraid of almost everything when I got her. It does take some time and patience to work through those things. Sounds like you're off to a good start.

At first, I couldn't even reach out and pet Lily without having her shy away. For the first 3 months or so I'd say, "Lily, can I pet you?" before reaching toward her. That got her attention and kept her from being startled. She soon learned what petting meant and got used to it. But I was only allowed to pet with one hand back then. If she saw both hands coming toward her, she'd bolt. I showed her that I was hiding one hand behind my back and reached only with the other. Lily was also scared to death of being covered with a blankie. She's tiny and often (very often) cold so a blankie is a part of our daily life... but in the beginning she would, again, bolt when she saw it coming. I'd wait until she was asleep and then place the tiniest corner of blankie over her bum. When she woke up she'd see it, sniff it and decide it was okay. I was able to cover her with more and more blankie until finally, she has come to love it.

If you start gradually and give Jasmine lots of rewards (petting, treats, whatever works for her), she should be fine. I wouldn't board her, given that she's so sensitive. That's exactly how I feel about boarding my Lily but at least I'd have a big advantage there - I'd be able to board her at the place she already goes for daycare. But to me, it wouldn't be much of a vacation without her, especially if I was constantly worried about her being without me at night. Although I'm sure it would be much tougher on me than on her. :lol:

Keep up whatever you're already doing and I really think it will work out well. Give Jasmine a big hug from me and Lily. :love3:
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If it's car sickness, it will go away. My last dog could throw up just from looking at a car. lol The vet said it would go away. About the time I got really good at catching the throw up in a baggie, she stopped throwing up. :D
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