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drooping ears

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My chihuahuas ears have recently started drooping, they had been erect since we got him at 9 weeks, and hes scratching them constantly, the vet says he doesnt have earmites...any clues how to get them back up? hes 6 months old and we just had him fixed :(
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I know others have said they noticed the ears droop when the pup is teething. :wave:
I have also heard that they droop while teething. He is a cutie!!! :wave:
Sorry cant advise on the ears, just wanted to say that he is adorable! :wave:
very cute :D and I heard the same re: teething/and or sick
What a cute baby. Kind of the color of my Auggie :D
Thanks all...just an update...I took him to the vet, and its a bit of yeast, and bactireal infection..I really glad to have found this site!!
I'm glad you found out what it was. Hope he feels better soon!
hi and welcome - he is adorable I cant wait too see more pics :wave:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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