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José had a BIG problem with itching... we tried skin scrapes for mange, antibiotics for a skin infection secondary to his itching and biting his feet raw, special sprays, ointments... all the to the tune of about $400 spent at the vet... who was recommending we see an allergist... I did some research, and found my $12 bottle of a miracle. TOMLYN Nova Pearls Medicated Tar Shampoo. You can find it at Petsmart or Petco... or my favorite online doggie store...

They also make a "dry skin" shampoo that has sulfur and salicylic acid in it but it smells worse than the tar shampoo because of the sulfur.

Not saying it will be a miracle cure for your pooch but it certainly worked for mine. I tried the oatmeal shampoo's, I thought they would be soothing to his skin and he would stop... but it wasn't enough... If you are noticing dandruff type flakes and a possible oily coat due to the itching... give the tar stuff a try, it stinks, but its worth a shot! Just my advice of course. You can always see what your vet recommends.
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