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Ducky Harness

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Another harness I made for Daisy. I wish it had a more girly background behind the ducks. This time I used a pattern I bought from simplicity. I did it a little different than what the pattern wanted but I liked the out come. I might try and follow the directions next time and see how it turns out.

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Thank you. I've took her out on both harnesses so far and they both stay on when she pulls, which of course isn't a strong pull like Rockis.
Oh I like it so much!
And my oh my Daisy is such a little beauty, I love the colors & shapes on her face. :love2:
I love her coloring too. I had a dog with her tan coloring and she has a white tip at the end of her tail just my old family dog Mugzy.
I want to buy some clips but each time I find them they are the size of her paw. So I'm gonna look some more. Thankfully I can simply tear otu the stitching and put new velcro on.
Wish I was that crafty! :)
I have my sewing craft, to thank my husband for. He actually taught me how to sew. LOL even took pictures that day to always remember.
Actually yes I am. My craft page is on my profile. If you want to check it out. I dont think I can post the link here.
yeah this was the first time I acutally used a pattern that I bought. So far everything else has been free patterns I found and altered in some way or another to fit the type of pattern I was looking for but couldn't find.

I like the idea of having a pattern so I change it up and know what size it will fit. But I'll probably end up altering this pattern in a way too to fit what I want in some way or another.
Where did you find a pattern?
I basically googled free dog clothes patterns adn found a few. I wish I still had the link but my laptop had to be reformatted so I lost everything that couldn't be saved to disk. :crybaby:

But the simplicity one I got was only 97 cents it comes with only one pattern and its the yellow harness one. Which you than can alter into anything you want.
Your harness is just ducky,lol! If you ever decide to sell them please pm me! Your chi is very sweet looking.
Thank you. A few friends have brought up me selling them. So I might make a few and try to sell them. Especially since Daisy is up to 9 dresses and 3 harnesses now. LOL my friends all joke that shes spoiled.

Thank you everyone else. Sorry my laptop has been down so I've been behind.
1 - 11 of 26 Posts
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