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I cannot speak for sadie's mom on whether she meant that post to sound like it did, but I didnt think you were asking if you should crop your chi's ears.
Chi ears are naturally shaped that way, but sometimes they dont stand up all the way and that is where taping and suppliments come in.
Sadies post did come across like she thought you were wanting to crop ears, but since this is the internet and since we can only go on what we read who knows...she could have been making a general comment on the topic. Or maybe she misread your post
Usually when you use all caps that shows us you are 'yelling' or very unhappy. Be confident in what your wrote and if you are unhappy about how someone responded let them know. If it gets heated bring that issue to private messaging. Again I think this time it was all just a misunderstanding.
So next time someone asks, you can say that this breed has naturally pointy ears (maybe she thought ur chi was a minpin...those dogs are know for earcropping....I know my Tequila gets mistaken for a minpin all the time)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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