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Ear thermometer?

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Has anyone every used one of these?

I was considering getting one but have never talked to anyone that has used one so I didn't know how accurate it was.

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not sure if it's the same with people but when my daughter was real sick her ear themometer registered normally but when i used the under the tongue thermometer her fever was sky high (this was after drinking cool water)
Yeah, that is kind of what I was concerned about, thanks. We use to have a human one a long time ago and it never seemed to work right. Not sure if I just didn't have it aimed at the right spot or what but it was frustrating. I may hold off on this one for awhile. $50 is a lot of money. :?
It looks like it would be a good idea, but you are right $50 is a bit too much.. If it was cheaper and accurate I would buy Peanut one and I would probably use it all of the time :)

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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