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Another question i have, when will my 3 month old chi's ears stay up? they were floppy for a few weeks then erect for a few and are now floppy again:( I can't wait ill they are permanently erect so he looks like a proper chi
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My Gemma was a really late bloomer with her ears. We brought her home at 10.5 weeks and they were still folded at the top. Here is a picture the day we brought her home:

My middle siggy picture is her at almost 13 weeks and just one ear has a slight crinkle in it. She will be 14 weeks tomorrow and that ear still has a very slight crinkle in it, but it's even less than in my siggy picture now. I think she will have both ears standing erect as an adult.

When they start teething their ears often flop, but then go back up again when they are done. Three months is a little early to be teething, though. It's normal for their ears to go up and down when they are younger, and most end up with perfectly straight ears by time they are adults. After 8 months is usually when you can see what your Chis ears will look like permanently.
LOL no she wasn't! LATE bloomer is 6-8 months. Any time before 16 weeks is right on schedule ;)
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