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Eating anything and everything!

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I'm hoping Lex and I aren't the only ones going through this. Well, of course I dont have him yet, but my mom has a bit of trouble with this right now. Lex has a really bad habit of eating anything thats on the floor. And my mom keeps her house very clean all the time, but they always find something. His worst thing is when all the puppies tear up a toy, usually at night, he'll sometimes eat the stuffing. He made himself sick the other day from eating stuffing from a toy and he had a little bit of diarrhea. He's fine now. I know he's curious and its a puppy trait, but what do you think I can do to help him stop eating everything off the floor. If anyones gone through those and found a way to help it, pleeeeease let me know. So when I do get him I'll be prepared. Thanx :D :D :D
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We call Auggie Hoover a lot because he will do the same. I don't profess to be the greatest housekeeper but I am ultra cautious about keeping things picked up off the floor :lol:
Okay well first off, Lex is a cutie and congrats on getting him soon! I went through this with my mutt and here's what worked for me, sorry if it doesn't help because my dog Ally and Lex are two different breeds but a try won't work. My baby Ally as always played the innocent act when something was pinned on him. He hates getting blamed for anything and tries to stay out of trouble. Well he likes getting into paper towel with grease on it or any food on it from dinner or lunch or something like that. Whenever I seem him doing this, a stern no usually works. I use the big finger and say "No, Ally, no!" Until she stops I gradually get louder but maintain a low in-control-kind of voice. I know "no" don't always work but try my Step-by-Step treatment, that's what I call it :D Good luck with your baby! :wave:
Awesome thanx! Lex is a very happy go lucky dog, I've never seen a dog just sooooo happy all the time. When I'm at my moms and I see him eating something or tearing up a toy I say "No Lex" sternly, and he puts his ears back and runs to me with his tail like I'm just calling him. Its like hes saying, "I'm sorry mommy, but look at me I'm cute!" LOL. :lol: We did learn that when you tell him NO and make a loud clap with your hands they stop immediatly. So I think thats my best bet. The neighbors in the apartment next to us are gunna think we've gone nuts! lol! :D :lol:
My Winston was the worst for ignoring "no" i tried the stern no, but he just looked and wagged his tail too - then carried on. I have to bark it out and make a big clap. The rest of the family thru the house jump and stop whatever theyre doing as well! :D but thankfully I rarely have to say no, its saved for chewing anything but his toys, nipping at any fabric other than his rucky and toilet anywhere but his place. It broke my heart to do it but he gets cuddles and love for the other 23 hours 58 minutes of the day! it wouldnt be fair to him if he grew up without manners cos all it would take would be nipping a child and tragedy for him! I found that screaming out in pain and then wimpering if he nips you or bites during playing leads to licks and kisses as he thinks hes hurt you. lol, he's only 9 weeks and he's only been here 4 days but I've been firm and he doesnt do those things now. He's a super fast learner, who also knows fetch now - and does very very well!!! :D

But he too hoovers up everything infront of his eyes, he's so young he's just finding his way in the world I think, I make sure he doesnt get anything nasty like bits of string or the like, but what can you do unless you carry him in your arms. Just gotta keep an eye on em, tidy up every second your not with him and pray for the best!!!
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Seiah does this all the time, he can find just about anything. I always tell him no but he continues, and when he knows that I know he has something in his mouth, he almost immediately knows to open his mouth...LOL. But I'm hoping after his neuturing this will slow down, I read an article about a certain percentage of dogs loose their roaming fiend.
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