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Okay well first off, Lex is a cutie and congrats on getting him soon! I went through this with my mutt and here's what worked for me, sorry if it doesn't help because my dog Ally and Lex are two different breeds but a try won't work. My baby Ally as always played the innocent act when something was pinned on him. He hates getting blamed for anything and tries to stay out of trouble. Well he likes getting into paper towel with grease on it or any food on it from dinner or lunch or something like that. Whenever I seem him doing this, a stern no usually works. I use the big finger and say "No, Ally, no!" Until she stops I gradually get louder but maintain a low in-control-kind of voice. I know "no" don't always work but try my Step-by-Step treatment, that's what I call it :D Good luck with your baby! :wave:
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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