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Eating everything!

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Cooper will eat anything. He eats: grass,sticks,rocks,bugs,rabbit poop,mushrooms,dirt, and many other weird things. I try to catch him as much as possible and get it out of his mouth. Did any of you chihuahua's go threw a vacume stage? :lol:
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no vacume stage ...they ARE vacumers :D :D

kisses nat
Gizmo is still eating and chewing twigs, rocks, bugs, worms, anything he can get his hands on...


And if crumbs fall on the floor....forget it.... :wink:
Yes and she still is. She keeps my kitchen floor really clean. :lol: And she does tend to pick up things she shouldn't while outside on walks. I don't see it changing anytime soon. I just keep an eye on her.

zoey is still a vaccuum.... she eats everything she finds on the floor so we have to be super careful. :roll:
Taco, too. We joke that we should have named him Hoover.
Oh yes, Jasmine will put any and everything she can find in her mouth - my own little vacuum cleaner! :lol: When I sweep the kitchen, there is hardly anything there anymore, cause she grabs it before it can even hit he floor. LOL

I am paranoid about making sure there is at least nothing inside that can hurt her, and just watch her VERY carefully when she is outside.
please be careful, you dont' want to end up with a blockage, they can be life threatening. and certain mushrooms are poisonous as are many plants and flowers. do research as to what is in your garden to make sure they are perfectly safe.
Chico is a vacuum too, lol. I keep my kitties food gated away from him, but every time i go to clean out the room where its at, i move the gate and Chico runs right in there and eats the tiny kitty food crumbs, so there is no need for me to vacuum them up :lol:
I have always had that problem with Peanut and when I first got him I actually posted a topic because he started eating the duck poop (there are alot of ducks around my house). Well Peanut still eats everything but I have started walking him around other places so he wont eat the poop. He likes picking anything and everything up and so does my new Shepherd mix, he always picks up gum YUCK. Its actually really nasty because I have to put my hand in his mouth and take it out everytime, touching somone elses gum is really NASTY!!!

Just make sure that you watch out for things that can really hurt your Chi such as pennies if he were to swallow them. To me, it has become sort or natural to watch Peanut and take all sorts of things out of his mouth. You will see if your Chis continues to do this during adulthood, it will seem normal to you!!! :D

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