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Ebay Addict...

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I cancelled my account before cuz I was spending far to much money on it again. I registered again with a new creditcard cuz I really wanted this new digital camera and it's a limited edition one that can only be bought in the US. I could only find it on ebay as the US sites would not ship here. So anyway.. I bought it and now I keep buying all these chi clothes. It's so cheap tho. Zola needs some clothes anyway cuz he's growing out of the only 2 jumpers I have for him. Atleast thats my excuse. Ill make another post for the carrier I got cuz It is just brill ;)
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I know just what you mean :wink: . I have just bought another two collars for Biba, and a fab juicy carrier! :wink: The thing is, buying from the states does work out so much cheaper with the dollar rate so good, and the choice is so great that that is where the problems start! you think, oh well, I might as well have one of these too :D Even with shipping, I find most things to be alot cheaper, but hey, our babes are worth it :lol:
sounds like you are as addicted as me :D

kisses nat
My sis is addicted to ebay and she buys all kinds of garbage (and I mean she buys a lot of garbage) that she doesn't need on there. Lucky for me, I can get on, bid on one item and get off without a problem.

My addiction is iTunes for my iPod. I can really go crazy spending money on there.
Im bad. I dont pay for itunes. I just download music from things like Sharaza and Kaza. Why pay if you don't have to. Of course I would go see the bands if they tour and buy the merch which I think makes up for it

Mr Bigs Mummy, which Juicy carrier did you buy. I really wanted one but even if dollars they were all to expensive. For some reason I could always find the pink one cheaper tho?
I love e-bay i told my hubby to take my card but now that i have a 2nd chi i am back on it again!!!!!!!!!! I just brought the carrier on wheels it was $24.99 on e-bay petco and petsmart it was $60 or more so i love e-bay :wave: :wave:
I LOVE Ebay. I buy too much on there too! :oops:
im sooooooo a ebay addict im selling on there at mo but i so kno il only spend what ever i earn on there lol
I've boughten a few things from eBay...nothing for Britney though :lol:
:lol: I am also a ebay addicted and sometimes i sell a few things.Some sellers over charge on shipping i try to charge the lowest as possible.
lol I have found another site where everything is freeeeeeeeeeeee you put Wanted if you want it and offer if you want to rid it. I got a nice greco stroller great condition. I am converting it to a doggie stroller lmao maybe they have listings for there also.
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