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ECHO is confused!!!

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:lol: :lol: WRONG BABIES ECHO!!! :lol: :lol: She is such a great mommy she even takes care of Sissy's babies so she can have a break :D

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oh Echo that is so sweet of you... bless your little heart
Awww... when I was a little girl, my chi took care of my cat's kittens. We had to seperate him from them because he wouldn't let their mommy get close enough to feed them.
Aw where was she when I had my baby :lol: what a doll!
What a wonderful mummy Echo is! Have you posted pics of her bubbas lately? I've been sick so I'm a bit outta the loop... I'll have to go back through and have a look
That is so sweet and so beautiful. :lol: Is Sissy a first time Mummy? :wave:
:shock: is there a sweeter thing :?:

those colors are stunning

kisses nat
Awww...that is SOOO sweet! Echo, you are such a good mommy!!
mychisangel said:
That is so sweet and so beautiful. :lol: Is Sissy a first time Mummy? :wave:

Yes Sissy is a first time mommy, but so is Echo. Echo tries to steal he pups all the time! Echos pups are weened already.
nabi said:
So sweet...Echo is just a little angel !
She is my little angel!! I am so in love with this dog! :D
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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