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Eden modeling her new clothes we got from Elaina!

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She got the crown shirt and the anchor dress. She put her ears back and is not so certain! I think she looks cute but she is not used to be dressed up except fleece in the dead of winter! Thank you, Elaine!!

She is wearing an XS. She was weighed at the Vet today and was 3.5 pounds. They fit her exactly.

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Very stylin'. I'm guessing Eden just went to the vet for a check up?
Nail trims and weigh-ins for all. I watch their weights closely since I feed by weight. Hope had an actual appointment. Two new masses. They arose a couple of weeks ago. Holistic Vet and I had a plan. Brought our traditional Vet into the game. He agreed with the plan and since I came in telling him what she thinks, what I think and what I planned to do, he did not even charge us for the visit with him!
That was very nice of him. Let us know when you can about Hope's masses.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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