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:wave: hi and welcome to the forum Daphne :wave:
Total and Goovi are sooooooo cute :D can't wait to see more pics :!:
Hi there ,i think i know you from the chihuahua lovers Singapore board.......Do I?
Hi and Welcome :hello2:

You've got a couple of cuties there!
Welcome! Love the pictures! :D Hope to get to know you better soon.
hi and welcome

so glad you found us :wave:
Hi, nice to meet you and your chis :wave:
Hi and welcome! your chi Total looks like my chi named Lola!! Your Total looks sooooo tiny! How much does he weigh?? :)
welcome to the forums, they are both very cute. I LOVE the kimono!!!!!

Both of those chi's are adorable! TOtal does look tiny!
Daphne said:
:wave: SULLYSMUM!!! :D

I'm not in that forum anymore. . . too much internal conflict inside.

I'm more frequent in :wink: quote]....................
Hi good to see you :wave: theres a troll there at the moment in the chi place.Will have a look at the small pets. :lol:
Hello & Welcome Your babies are adorable. :wave:
:wave: hello and welcome to the forum here. glad to have you guys. great pics.
Hello and Welcome :wave:
Your chi's are very cute!
1 - 20 of 35 Posts
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