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Eight or Ten?

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I have the oppertunity to take my chihuahua at 8 weeks, as long as the pup is eating well on its on, and such, or at ten. The breeder has no problem keeping the pup longer.

I'm pretty torn. I really want my pup now, but I do want it properly socialized, ie bite inhibition.

I know I know, I should wait til ten weeks. <sigh>
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I think you already know the right thing to do. :)
Katt said:
I know I know, I should wait til ten weeks. <sigh>
You really should. I know it stinks waiting those extra two weeks but I think it would be best for the pup.

You just never know - some pups can be taken away at 6 or 8 weeks or even earlier and grow up to be the most well-socialized pup in the world - but why chance it? Those two weeks will fly by! :)

Good luck!
Katt said:
I know I know, I should wait til ten weeks. <sigh>
Yes, I think u should! :)
LOL it stinks waiting those couple weeks doesnt it. I am not being sarcastic either. Two weeks can seem like two months when you are getting a puppy. You already know the answer to that...hehe. Bite the bullet and give her two extra weeks with mom and the siblings. You will be glad you did!!!!!

PS - you HAVE to write us as soon as you get her!!!
definately 10 - this is my pet hate I wish all breeders just kept them till 10 or 12 weeks then we wouldnt have this problem - I think you know the right thing to do :wave:
uh oh, so when i get daisy at 8 weeks old.. does this explain her obsessive need to bite? :( i really really wish i had known this. i am starting to suspect the lady who i got her from was very irresponsible and just wanted to rid herself of the burden of having puppies. *sigh* oh well, i have my little daisy.. and she just needs tons of TLC and for me to be patient. which works most of the time. we're both stubborn. :\ lol
Daisy is used to biting her littermates, which have tougher skin than you do. Don't allow her to bite your hands or arms or wherever, if she starts to, give her a loud "NO!" this will help control the biting issue.
I P.M'd you. Make sure to check ur messages :)
Have to agree with everyone. Hard as it is I would wait till 10 weeks
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