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Eliminating on the couch

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My little girl is only 9 weeks old, so I completely understand she is going to have accidents, but she goes to her pp pad 95% of the time, and most of the other 5% she just barely misses. However 3 times now she has jumped up onto the couch and peed on it (always when we are not sitting on it). We keep a real close eye on her, but she's so quick we don't get to her in time to stop it. Each time she has peed in a different place, so I don't think it's because we didnt clean it well enough. Has anyone had this issue before, or have an idea why she would go through so much trouble to get onto the couch just to pee there?
(If she is sitting with us on the couch she will jump off and go to her pp pad, so I don't get it!)

By the way, I'm not sure if I have mentioned I am a first time dog owner, so if I ask some questions that seem ignorant I'm sorry. I've read alot but that's nothing like actually doing! :oops:
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She is only 9 weeks old and can jump up on the couch already?
I have an 8 month old that can't do that yet.
If you put her up there, don't!
She jumps up and off on her own (she kinda digs her claws in and pulls herself up), we tried to tell her no at first, but she wants to be on our laps so we finally gave up. Because of her accidents though I'm thinking we need to keep her off. She plays by herself sometimes, but usually she likes to grab her toy and come sit down next to one of us and play, so we have to sit on the floor.
I understand - sort of.

My "Mia" is a 3 mo. old female chi. For the first 2 weeks we had her she had no accidents. Then started going in different places. She does pretty good most of the time, but sometimes.... Just yesterday morning I took her out side first thing, and she didn't want to "go". I was running late so brought her in with me. She sat on my lap for a while, then my son came by and played with her for a minute, and as soon as he walked away, she just squated and peed on the couch! :evil: I don't know about her sometimes. It wouldn't have been so bad if she had at least got off the couch and peed on the floor, but on the couch?! - while I was sitting there! A while back she pooed on the sofa arm!

I guess it's just an ongoing challenge to potty train. I have a golden retriever that I trained real quick, but I was an at home mom at the time. Mia is crated and only gets "real" training at night and mornings. :cry: Poor Baby.

Well, good luck with your little one. Here is a pic of my Mia.
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