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This weekend being thanksgiving Brad Lola and I piled into the car to go visit my dad which is a 2hr drive I don't bring ava because she gets car sick and whines the whole time and quark is much happier just being with ava.

So we get to my dads and he has 2 small dogs a toy poodle and a lapsoapso(sp?) We get out of the car and lola starts charging at them and barking showinf her teeth. Well Hannah decided she wants to smell lola so when she wasn't looking hannah snuck up be hing lola to take a sniff and lola turns around and bites her. Tje whole time we were there she spent cowering sitting beside me. I tried to put her on the ground I tried walking her around the house we tried to get her to stand beside harley because he's the smaller of the two. She even went so far as to bite and snarl at my dad. It was rather embarassing. I take here there every year and last year she was happier then a pig in mud. I don't know what changed and I am so embarrassed to take lola to places with dogs but she obviously needs the socialitaion!! Thanks for listening to me rant :s
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:hello1:r ur dads dogs the same ones from the previous visit?at least it was only at your dads-at least u can talk to him about it.find a friend who knows the prob n has a chi.take time to socialize.she wasnt really trying to hurt his dog-just sending a message.:D:D:D
Is Lola the queen of your house? If so she maybe just telling them I rule the roost while I'm here for the visit. My Smudge will be nasty to anyone that goes near Lexie, dog or other wise. But at home Lexie is the ruler of the roost not him but its cute that he is so protective of her.
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