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Emergency! How much Benedryl?! UPDATE!

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Annabelle I think must have been stung by a bee. Her nose and eye is swollen on one side and it is moving to the other. I know that you can give them Children's Benedryl but can't remember the dosage. Is it a quarter of a teaspoon? She weighs about 7 lbs.

My vet is closed and the emergency vet won't tell me.
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I copied this from anothr thread: "Yes, you can give liquid Benadryl to Chis. One ml per pound of body weight." I hope your little one is better real soon. :cry:
Thanks Rachel! I gave her some and it may have gone down a tiny bit. I can't really tell. I'm wondering if she doesn't have an abscessed tooth or something. Poor baby. :( I'll take her to the vet on Monday to get checked.
all i know is one ml is equal to one cc (in a syringe). I always keep a med. syringe around just in case I have to give my pups some liquid meds. You can always ask for one at the vet
I have a med. syringe too. 1 ml is equal to 1 cc and give 1 cc per pound?! That seems like a lot. I only gave her 1 1/2 cc's and it has gone down a good bit. I may give her a little more.

I wish the emergency vet would have given me some information over the phone but they wouldn't. They said they could be liable without seeing her. The thing is, I don't think she really needs to be seen. Other than having a puffy snout, she is acting fine. Why do these things always happen on the weekend? :roll:
Poor baby... Annabelle i hope you feel better soon.
I just did an internet search, and this is what I found:

The doggy dose for Benadryl is 1mg/pound of body weight every 8-12 hours as needed.
Well crud! How does mg covert to cc's? :? That's how my med syringe list the measurements.

I'm afraid I'm going to have to take her to the emergency vet. Both eyes are beginning to swell. I have given her a total of 2 1/2 cc's of Benedryl.
Goodness! I hope she's all right!! Hugs, Annabelle! Get well soon!! :wave:
Thanks everyone! :wave: I'm still watching and worrying. Her nose has gone down a lot but her eyes are swollen more. I think I gave her the right amount of Benedryl but don't need to give her anymore. Here is a pic after the swelling had gone down a little on her nose and her eyes were just beginning to swell.

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:shock: Oh wow, I really hope she gets better! HUGS from Stinky..feel better Annabelle!

:flower: :flower: :flower:
I'm so sorry about Annabelle I hope she is better very soon. Darn bees. Auggie scared me today because he ate a dead one but showed no effects at all :(
I hope Annabelle is doing better tonight...what a scary situation for you !
That is a scary thing. I hope she is better :(
I really would suggest taking her to the vet. If her face is puffy it's likely that she's having an allergic reaction to something and it's not something that can be diagnosed over the phone. I hope she feels better soon though!

Converting mg to ml can only be done if you know the concentration of the drug. Leave the dosaging to the vets, take your baby right away!
I would go to the ER asap. Besides swelling there could be more going on and she needs to be seen!
I never reccoment medicating your own dog unless the vet instructs u to do so. I have to pre-med my moms dog with benedryl before her shots but thats because the vet told us to do so.
With situations like this a vet will never give you things to do at home more then what you can do to get her to the vet safely. It is a big liability issue because if they tell u to do something and your dog ends up with hidden complecations they are responsible. In order to find out what is going on and to properly care for her she needs to be seen.
Sorry I cannot give you better news. I have seen a couple cases come into the ER presenting with symptoms similar to ur girl and some have had to stay for a couple days due to fever and other complecations.
Best of luck! Please update us soon!
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Poor Annabelle. I hope you will have her seen by a vet very soon. No sense taking any chances with that sweet baby girl.
Be careful about giving your chi unprescribed meds...

I do not normally post like this, but PLEASE do NOT calculate drug dosages for your chis. After reading this post, all I could think of was what happened if she had actually dosed her dog at 1ml/pound of diphenhydramine. Thank god, she gave less!

Liquid Benedryll comes in concentration of 2.5mg/ml. Lets say her dog weighs 5 pounds, if she dosed it based on advice given above, she would have given 12.5mg of diphenhydramine. If the correct dosage is say 1ml/pound (legally can't disclose the actual dosage over the internet), she would have given over DOUBLE the dose.

Furthermore, Benedryll in an oral suspension has a high alcohol content, which can cause further problems, and is NOT recommended for veterinary use, espcecially in cats and small dogs. In veterinary practice, diphenhydramine is administered as an injection or in 25 or 50mg tablets.

So what would have happened if her dog had overdosed on Benedryll, among a large amount of minor symptoms such as sedation, dry mouth, vomitting/diarrhea, to central nervous system disorders. If her dog had a pre-existing condition such as hyperthyroidism, seizure disorders, hypertension, heart failure, or allergic lung disease, her dog could have died.

Please owners, do not ask or give advice involving dosaging of drugs to animals, even if they are over the counter for humans. If you think a Benedryll situation is bad, consider a client I know personally who went to a forum and was told she could give Tylenol to her cat after it was spayed. Acetominophen KILLS cats within minutes, and I'm sure you can guess the rest of the story.

Please be responsible and consult your veterinarian, the cost is worth the life of your animal. Any veterinarian who won't give you dosages over the phone isn't trying to lure you into paying for an exam. There are a ton of things he/she has to consider before giving any kind of drugs, and only he/she is capable of prescribing them.

I apologize if I have offended anybody! I know we all just wants for our pets!

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