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It all started with a cake...

Emma's Birthday Cake by Chihuahuaesque, on Flickr

I let Emma have a free for all on the cake before I gave each of the others a piece. She chose to lick off the cream cheese frosting!

Om nom cake by Chihuahuaesque, on Flickr

You can see Rory's impatient nose in this one!

Rory wanting cake by Chihuahuaesque, on Flickr

The entire right side of her face was COVERED in globs of cream cheese. You can see it in the left side of these next photos. It doesn't help that she's cream colored.

DSC_5544.jpg by Chihuahuaesque, on Flickr

Cream cheese face by Chihuahuaesque, on Flickr

Do I have cream cheese on my face? by Chihuahuaesque, on Flickr

I really can't believe that my tiny girl is two already!

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Happy Birthday beautiful Emma! :eek:ccasion7:
Looks like mama spoiled you rotten!
I wish you all the best, hope you stay
happy, healthy and live a very long life!
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