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Hey everyone.Freckles has been shaking reallllyy bad lately.So we took him to the vet and he has epilepsy.He is now on meds.So any info anyone has would be very helpfull.
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I am so sorry to hear Freckles has epilepsy. Smoke had it for only a few months, but the phenobarbital really stopped the seizures. After he started on it, he only had two seizures in that four months, while before the meds, he was having 10 to 15 a day. I truly hope the meds are enough to control his seizures. My friend had a pug that had seizures his whole life and lived to a ripe old age.
Thanks that is what my mom was worried about is if he would live to a ripe old age.I am so sorry about Smoke I knew he had them just not that bad.
Yeah, her pug lived until he was 14. If he was overexcited, he would still seize, so we had to make sure we never overexcited him.

Smoke is doing good, he no longer has seizures and is off all medications. We believe he was poisoned and all the poison has worked its way through his body. He has some residual neurological problems, but no longer has seizures or tremors when he sleeps. He is very lucky.
I don't have any experience with epilepsy, but I just wanted to tell you I'm sorry to hear about Freckles :(
My chi, Emmie, has a form of epilepsy (focal seizures or fly/air snapping. She is doing well on phenobarbital. Sue
Thanks all.Dreamer we beilive that one of our other chis (Boo) has it to if he gets scared he will have one and we told the vet about it and they said he sounds like he has it too.But he don't have very many at all.
My mom had a Shitz Tzu that had a few a year. Peanut was never on medication because it happened so rarely. I think the vet said if they have one more than once a month, they will put them on medication.
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