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Just wondering as a friend of mine, who owns a horse and dog, told me about it the other day.

We have a bad flea problem here in our courtyard thanks to it not being sprayed in god knows how long so I was looking for something to help us control the fleas along side of the frontline we place on the poor pup.

Any ways, my friend told me about this stuff called Critter Oil that she uses on both her horse and her puppy (5 months old). I called the vet and asked them about it......said it was a good supplement to the Front line.

So we've been using it....safer for me then the flea collars/bath stuff as if I touch it I get a rash....can't even put the front line on the cats or Raz because of that so Hubby does it.

So far it has cut down our flea problem greatly! So I thought I'd ask if anyone else has heard of it or uses it instead of the flea's safe for animals 2 months and older......younger then that you need to ask vet.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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