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Didja get the "Game of Thrones" reference? I know some of our "Khaleesi"s did!

I love Colorado. I wouldn't live anywhere else! But the weather here is always bonkers. I just shaved both Bear & Mercedes for summer and less than a week later we got 2" of snow! These are pictures a few days later.

Bear: No, I dun think u need to mow, Mom. It luks great!

Mercedes: Yes, yes. This is all well and good... but seriously, when do I get my yard back?

Ponyo: Can I make it?! Can I make it!?

Hopefully the hubby will break out the riding mower this weekend so I can see my chihuahua through the grass again!

Ponyo: Hey guys! What's over there?!

Bonus Pic:

I dyed my hair blue. I'm going with a new color every time it washes out. What can I say? If I'm not grooming dogs anymore, my creativity and style have to go somewhere! Any suggestions for the next bang color?

Hope you all have a great Friday! And thanks for looking! :color: :color: :color:

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