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Everyone please look at this help needed!!

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ok look at this add does anyone notice the picture cos it's actually stolen off an american site, I know this cos a) I've seen the site and b) my friend recently rescued 3 pups and a girl who apparently was the mother from a puppy farm after reporting them to the RSPCA they are currently sorting this inncident but we do know this photo was used previously to advertise the puppies and this was in KENT!! This ad is placed in ESSEX I'm curious as to if there is a puppy farm ring around, I personally cant contact this seller and see whats going on cos I am involved with the last incident, someone please this is all really suspicious it could be a coincidence but my alarm bells are ringing
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awwww they are very sweet i can understand your concern i have heard a few stories about a puppy farm in surrey it looks to be ok but your rite you can never tell
what do you want me too say to them ? :wave:
just make a general inquirery ask about the paperwork etc any addictional photos we found being sent fake pictures actually helped our case and if u can get me an address. If we can get someone over there to see cos this last one she had some dogs out back in the shed :( it was heartbreaking basically these are puppyfarming middlemen and I wanna know if this is just a coincidence or related to the current case I know about. Btw the pups involved all had slight temperiment problems they're all very shy

btw below is the actual website this photo comes from
O.K., I'm a little confused here. I can see the two puppy pics are the same, and if I understand correctly, one of the sites is in GB and another is in the U.S.

Is that correct? If so, there seems to be something shady going on here.
Right I really wanted to say how are those your pups when you aRE IN ESSEX and they are in the US on this website ? but I didnt as I dont want to blow my cover :lol:

heres what I sent :


Im really interested in one of your little boys they are so cute is the one right on the end still available (Left) hes such a sweetie, are they KC registered ? will they come with a pedigree ? how many generations ? and also would it be possible for me too come and visit too see one of the little boys

many thanks

I will let you know when I have a response

Have you contacted epupz with the link from the american site as they are really really strict on puppy mills etc :wave:
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I would contact them about it except I'm worried they will just advertise these puppies elsewhere. What concerns me is I know of another current investigation by the RSPCA into a puppy middleman in Kent using this photo to sell puppies. 4 were rescued and are now happy :) but I'm somehow sense something is up with this, If I can get an address or someone who lives near to essex to check it out. There seems to be a lot of chi puppy farming at the moment and the conditions they are kept in is horrendous.
Where abouts in Essex is it supposed to be?
Good luck on finding the info you need. If you can help shut down even one puppy farm, it is worth it. Keep us posted please.
sullysmum said:
Where abouts in Essex is it supposed to be?
once we get an address I'll pm it to u :)
ok heres the email I recieved from this morning :


Unfortunetly the male on left has been taken so has the two bitches but
second from right is still avaliable along with his other brother (the
centre pup). They are KC and altogether have 19 champions in there
(two being from America). There father shows and has won many prizes (I
included a photo of him). They are avaliable to be rehomed in three
weeks so
if you wish you can visit in the next couple of weeks. If you are
please let me know.

I will attach the pic of the dog - THERE IS NO WAY THIS DOG IS A SHOW DOG AND HAS WON MANY PRIZES he barely looks like a chi :roll:

I replied saying the one 2nd right is fine and I would really like to come and check him out asap and could I have the addressso I can plan my route as I live quite a waY - LETS SEE IF THEY GIVE IT ?

is there anything else you need me too ask sarah
here is there response - how faulse is there address they now we are on too them :

Hi Clare,

Thats absolutely fine, On Saturday im taking the kids out in the
but if you would like to come around in the morning or Sunday we are
Its up to you. My address is:

69 Pussylicken Lane


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oh my thats real bad whats the point in them doing that !
exactly how do they scam people because on reading that address would you really send them any money :?
did you mail them anything back after they sent you that
Yes :

am I supposed to believe that is a real address

why are you doing this I am genuinely interested in your dogs even though the same litter can be found in America

check this site out :

you have been reported to the RSPCA, Police and Epupz

good luck
this is there reply :

wot eva blud u cant trace it u spaz HAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
wow thank god I found that ad :) we might have saved some people a lot of money loss, I'm hoping there are no puppies at all available. Has anyone reported this to epupz? Only thing I'm hoping is we werent rumbled and they worked out we wanted an address from them so they wanted to throw us off.

Yeah i reported it this morning but havent heard anything back yet - will let you know when i do :wave:
This is scary!!!! You really should report them to animal crulety because they CAN trace them. Epups CAN pull there IP address which in turn can locate the person using there internet connection.
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