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Older girls need loving home-Georgia

So I'm pulling at strings here, but would anyone be interested in adopting an older female chihuahua? I had to go buy a book for school today and Petland is nearby so I decided to go play with some expensive puppy mill puppies that I would never buy. I had no idea that they would have two adorable ex-breeders for adoption in their "adoption center". I would like to adopt one, but two is pushing it and I couldn't take one and leave the other I left them both there, but this has been bothering me all day. Here's a little info on the ladies:

Gracie-Red/white (I think...she's basically brown, not sure the exact name for her color), 9 years and super chunky lol. She probably needs to lose a good 4 lbs. She was extremely sweet and just sat on my lap wagging her tail. I think she was just happy to be out of the cage...they are on grated floors and her nipples and feet kept getting stuck in it

Luna (probably the one I would keep)- Blue/tan, 6 years, ~5lbs. This one is crazy! She never stopped moving, and in her cage she really enjoys looking at people in the back through her "peep hole". Also really loving, but can't sit still very long...too much going on!

Both of these girls need dentals, vaccinations and to be spayed. I can have them examined and vaccinated at work, and probably spayed because they come with $75 spay vouchers. I just can't afford dentals for both of them though. (Emi just had one and Eloise is about to get one).

Please please please if you are interested or know anyone that would provide a loving home let me know soon so I can get them out! I am willing to drive up to 10 hours to meet.
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