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Eye infection???

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Hello! I haven't posted here in a long time, but I need some help! Niko has sort of a bubble in the corner of his eye that just popped up out of nowhere. It almost looks like a sty or a cyst of some kind, but it literally came out of nowhere! Could he have gotten something in his eye? Has anybody ever had this happen? He is playing around and acting like normal, so thankfully it doesn't seem to be bothering him!! Just wondered if anybody knew what it might be. I am going to wait to see if it goes down over the next day, if not I will be headed for the vet!!
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I would go ahead and take him to the vet.
Ms_P said:
I would go ahead and take him to the vet.
I agree.
yes take him to the vet, it may be an infection of some sort or cherry eye. don't hesitate, take him in.
Lots of things, but the first thing that comes to mind is a myeobian gland tumor or cyst. Take him to the vet! Hope this is not related to Niko's Cherry Eye you mentioned before? -Nate
Cherry Eye

Probably "cherry eye" it's very common in chihuahuas. Not yet determined if it is a gene passed thing or not.

I've had this happen with one of my dogs.

It is easily fixed with a surgery. There are however 3 ways they do it so make sure they do one of these 2 and not the 3rd. The one you do NOT want is the one where they remove the tissue (that contains your dog's tear duct so it's a bad idea and surprisingly a lot of bozos do it.) And the 2 safer ways (they cost more though) is where they simply tuck the tissue back in (but that doesn't really always stay) and the best way (I had this done on a dog and it worked great) is when they tuck it back in and put a single stitch that will dissolve after a month or two. The dog's eye will look normal right away though.
It should be very clear if it's a small cyst on the eyelid of the entire third-eyeliod protruding from the lower inside corner of the eye. Hopefully you had it checked it already, update us and let us know how Niko is doing.
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